The Mission

Why Trees?

Our goal is to educate on how to reduce carbon footprints and spread our love of the environment. For every pledge that is made to accomplish this, we will plant a tree in honor of that commitment. It's a simple transaction of good for good, and it's our joy to plant trees in places that need them most. We have started multiple projects towards this goal and are constantly looking for more opportunities to plant our seeds.

- ​Katherine

Trees absorb dangerous gases and release oxygen, provide cooling shade, prevent erosion and add natural beauty to communities.


Tree Enthusiast

Gerri and Paul Schutes


Katherine Schutes

Founder and President

It all began with a 5th Grade Science Project

My dad has always had a passion for trees and he instilled that same passion in my sister and I.

So, for my 5th-grade science fair project, I wanted to gain a better understanding of how plants & trees help scrub carbon dioxide out of the air. What we learned through the project was that plants play a crucial role in cleaning harmful carbon emissions from the air and that leads to a cleaner planet! Over time, this research combined with a love for preserving and protecting nature led to the launch of
Trees 2 Reduce
– a way to offset our own carbon footprint and provide a way for others to do the same.

The Team And Our Mission