Eat Vegetarian At Least Once A Week. It Reduces your carbon footprint, And it's healthy too!

Use Less Water. Limiting showers to 10 minutes or less can make a big difference in the long run

Shop Smart. Reusable Bags keep harmful plastics out of landfills and out of waterways

Recycle More. Become an Informed Recycler By following local guidelines and instructions on cans

Reuse Your Cup. Using a refillable coffee cup is good for the earth, and can get you a discount too

Say No to Plastic. Carry Your own water Bottle and help keep trash out of our oceans 

Switch Lights off. Electricity generation is a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions

Use your Feet. Choosing to walk or bike over driving Leads to cleaner air for everyone 

Pledge to Reduce your Footprint

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